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Meet the face
behind the book, blogs, preached word, prayer box and podcast

Melissa Freeman has been happily married for 12 years to James Freeman. She has a eleven-year-old son and a twenty-four year old son. She loves her family and is devoted to being a mother! Melissa Freeman's life has been focused on supporting, teaching and giving of herself when she is aware that someone is in need. With over a decade of experience and enthusiasm across multiple leadership positions, She is certain that personal experience is the greatest teacher and vows to instruct and coach people so that they can have a successful life. She continues to educate herself by attending professional development conferences and classes to stay connected to current issues in relationships.


She is currently a licensed Evangelist at her church, Bethlehem Apostolic Faith Holiness Church of God, located in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She has served her church for twenty plus years.  She knows God has a calling on her life to help, teach and encourage. She is committed to the vision of the church and the vision God has for her life and the lives of others. She ministers through teaching, preaching and meeting the needs of her community. 


She is the founder and director of an outreach program in her community, called REACH. The acronym for REACH is (Remember Everyone And Care Hastily). This program has community days that support the local community. One annual event is giving free hats, gloves, soup and items for people who just moved into their home. When people come she and the Community Team, Miss. Stuart and Dec. Stuart also uses that opportunity to help in any other way they can. Many times people have come to pick up items from the community event and it turned into a prayer session and hugs. She is also the founder and director of women's gatherings called, Let's Talk. It is held once a year and women issues are discussed with solutions; women leave feeling empowered, relaxed and focused on their goals.


She is a singing artist who has two songs published entitled, Don't Wanna Be The Same and Jesus Is The Way. Melissa has performed several times and is part of the speakers on the panel on the BNN show called- I Did It My Way, with host, Bethann Codrington. Melissa uses the gifts God has given her any time an opportunity is presented.


She has a life channel as a blogger on YouTube. The channel is about advice in relationships, health, beauty, hair tips and she also gives reviews on products. Melissa knows that life can be difficult and how quick useful information can be helpful. You can find the YouTube channel under her name, Melissa Freeman. You must listen to her podcast called Like It It With Melissa. It is funny, real and encouraging. You can also follow all of her social medias: Instagram and Facebook.


Writing this book, What's Butterflies Got To Do With It, allows her to share some of her knowledge. The prayer box is an additional spiritual support system. The prayer box will increase your faith  and support a healthy prayer habit. While you are reading a book that takes you on a journey you want to make sure you are stable on the journey and the pray box will support stability.


One of her favorite quotes by Maya Angelou- If you get, give, and if you learn, teach. The podcast and all of her social medias are also a way were she can give wisdom and many perspectives to life situations. 

But if you are asking what's butterflies got to do with it. Melissa will say absolutely nothing!

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