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Love Isn't In The Butterflies

This very moment you will change the direction of your life with incorporating love in every relationship in your life. Invest in your love life by purchasing my book on this website. Also download my podcast called: Like It Is With Melissa


Soulmate means two people who are meant to be together and ideally suited for one another as a passionate partner. The word soulmate goes together and is not split even in the word itself. Many people believe in soulmates, so as soon as they receive "butterflies" they believe that they found their soulmate! Butterflies have nothing to do with finding your soulmate; it has everything to do with how you go through each season in your life. You will be delighted to know that you no longer need to search for another book! If you are bewildered about how to have and keep healthy relationships with yourself, your mate and others, this is the book for you. Join this journey, called life, and explore what you really need for yourself and from your mate and the strategies to ensure that you produce heathy long -standing relationships, far beyond the butterflies.


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The beginning stages of a caterpillar are very important because the final physical destination for a caterpillar is to transform and become a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies have four stages and in each stage there are changes and growth . It has to go through ALL four stages to finally bloom and spread it's wings. Just like butterflies we have to do the work and go through many stages as we are on our love journey. When we do we can spread our wings and show that hard work pays off!

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