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Click on the book to order your copy!

                                    ONLY $19.95


"Join the journey to healthy relationships with yourself and others"

-Melissa Freeman

Click on the word "Prayer" below to watch a video about an additional spiritual tool to use while you are on this journey. Click on the word "box" to order. It is only $25.00!

Jessica Morris

“I purchased Melissa's book and her creative prayer box. I am still on my relationship journey with her book and love every step I have taken to be my best self in every relationship. The prayer box has been additional support as I am on my relationship journey. It is a personalized spiritual tool. I have been going though trials and I am forever thankful I have a prayer box. Each and every day my faith is restored. "

Manu Carpenter

"Melissa's book has been a gift to my relationship life. Surprisingly she coaches, gives strategies, gives solid advice and ties the word in to make every chapter make sense. I also like that she takes you on a journey to support the relationship with yourself, family, dating and marriage. It is a book that I know I will read more then once. I plan to order the pray box too!"

Felicia Stuart

“ I read the book in one day! I couldn't put it down. I liked that after every chapter there was a section for journaling and some chapters had reflective questions to make you personalize your love journey. She started the book off talking about herself and childhood. I was happy to learn who the author was. I enjoyed how Melissa talked about our childhood being a component of who we are and how we love."

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